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Family in the Kitchen

At The TSAVO Group, we value versatile living spaces that serve the needs of your growing family. We provide a 10-year limited warranty that preserves your investment for years to come. TSAVO also offers one-on-one consultation with our design team experts to assist you with your custom upgrade selection process upon request.

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We have been an active member of the real estate community for over 20 years. We are delighted to build luxury contemporary styled homes throughout the state of Florida. We are ready to help you with your new construction needs. We carry the values of hard work, integrity, loyalty, and outstanding client service into every home we build. 



We build tailored homes with a core focus on financial performance and operational efficiency. Although we have several established and approved plans, we allow a great degree of versatility by allowing our clients to customize changes to their plans. Versatile home plans are in greater demand than ever before. For this reason, we have created multigenerational home plans that are equally comfortable for all ages. 

While for most people TRUST entails the ability for 'one' to do the right thing, TSAVO defines trust as our ability to build a relationship with our clients that makes them believe in our integrity and strength in the industry. Our devotion to earn and keep our clients trust extends beyond our actions, it facilitates their dreams, leading them to  homeownership.



We strive to embed our core principles into our organization's culture. We know that accountability promotes engagement and ownership. This is why our team takes pride in the responsibilities to our clients and their expectation of service. Our team is motivated to meet your needs, no matter how big or small.





Our number one priority is to build homes that surpass expectations from ever aspect of production, from price to delivery time. Call us today to meet with one of our consultants to get started

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